Create Your Niche

Have you ever been faced with a spa or restaurant menu that offered a dazzling array of choices and found yourself frozen with indecision, unable to make a choice? I know I have. Turns out I’m not alone, according to this article on Business Insider and this article on Forbes. As it turns out, when faced with too many decisions, some customers will walk away rather than make a choice.  How does this affect your business, specifically in designing a menu of services? Could an over-stuffed menu be a hindrance?


Find a niche, focus, and build your brand. Do what you do really, really well. To find your niche, start by thinking about what services you like to perform and what you’re good at. You’re a great Brazilian waxer but stink at microdermabrasion, direct your energy and brand toward waxing. Be the local go-to waxing expert.


What’s my niche? Chemical peels and facials. I love performing chemical peels and facials and I love the science of chemistry and anatomy and physiology. As Tiffany, salon owner extraordinaire says, I’m “very clinical.” I think that translates to I’m a big dork. If you come to me for a peel you are likely to get a lecture on the pH scale; I’ve even drawn diagrams. You’ve been warned. Because I use Image, which is an extensive line, I am able to customize facials and peels to meet the needs of my clients based upon skin analysis and client intake forms and interview.


I do plan on broadening my selection of peels from Image’s IPeel line by adding the Image Wrinkle Lift and Signature Lift–a non-chemical peel. I’ll also take Image body peeling classes this year.


Here are the  Business Insider and Forbes articles. Niche on!



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